Sustainable Cleaning by Reducing Our Environmental Impact


Sustainability – We Clean Green

York Building Services is committed to being a leader in sustainable cleaning by reducing our environmental impact and instilling environmental ethics into our core value system. We continually seek methods to improve our service delivery and operational procedures, which have a direct result in less waste production and consumption.


We have demonstrated this commitment through the integration of non-toxic, environmentally preferable cleaning agents, re-usable equipment including color-coded microfiber and decreased energy and water usage at service sites.

Through the use of environmentally preferable cleaning products, we have been able to vastly reduce chemical usage and chemical waste. Implementation of microfiber for cleaning tasks allows us to re-use supplies that would have once created significant paper waste.


We continuously seek new methods and efficiencies from the marketplace to help us meet our sustainability goals and look to continually operate in a conscious manner that allows us to lessen our impact on the planet. 


workplace is important to us!

Please contact us to discuss your specific Green cleaning requirements.

York Building Services recommends that our clients consider a customized janitorial service program that incorporates the use of “Green” cleaning products. These are environmentally preferable cleaning solutions that are Green Seal certified and EPA registered, which are proven sanitizer-virucides and non-toxic to humans. 


These non-toxic, environmentally responsible cleaning products are known to reduce airborne irritants (which may contribute to asthma and other respitory illnesses), improve indoor air quality and reduce the presence of on-site chemicals in janitorial supply closets. 

Green Cleaning Programs

The benefits of our Green Cleaning Programs include: reducing building operating costs through cleaning program efficiency; improving employee productivity, morale and satisfaction; and contributing to the overall health and well-being of the building community. The overall impact of the program will create a healthier workplace, while reducing your facility’s carbon footprint and harmful waste production. Besides being a healthier alternative to traditional cleaning, our proven Green Cleaning Programs contribute to valuable LEED certification points.







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