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Quality is More Than Providing Services


Quality Assurance 

The role of the York Building Services janitorial program is to provide a clean, safe and healthy indoor environment for our clients and their building occupants. The success of our service management program is founded on our commitment to quality control, which is centered on continuous supervision, comprehensive training and executive site inspections.


To ensure the fulfillment of daily janitorial tasks and procedures as per our contract specifications, we use a mobile inspection system called CleanTelligent* to perform inspections, log and document performance, which we review to address service issues, track service trends and identify improvement opportunities. This process allows for consistent results and ensures we deliver the same results and experience to our clients on a daily basis. 

Additionally, the CleanTelligent program allows for direct client communication, where our client can submit work orders, schedule changes or service issues directly through an online portal and this communication is immediately dispatched to the responsible operations management for review. All communication is logged, time stamped and reported, which contributes to the metric by which we measure our accountability and responsiveness.


allows us to measure performance, incorporate relevant client feedback and demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement.

York Building Services, Inc. compliments our professional service program with the added benefit of the collective experience of its senior management team, having successfully implemented similar programs to various residential, corporate, industrial and educational facilities and institutions.


Our commitment to excellence has aligned us with ISSA, the leading resource for the commercial cleaning industry and their Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS). York Building Services is currently a candidate for this certification, with expectations of completing the requirements and third-party assessment with honors.


The CIMS certification requirements are our blueprint for the continual development of our company into a customer-centered, consistent and quality-assured organization. We are confident that through successful implementation of this certification, it will not only make us a stronger, more accountable company, but will also bring tremendous benefits to our clients. 

"It is very simple, as we continually improve our management systems and company operations; our clients in turn receive continually improved service." -  Robert Rivadeneira


*For more information on CleanTelligent, click Here  

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