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Training Program
Our Service Begins Before We Even Step Foot In Your Building


A lot of work goes into making your building clean and healthy. Our service begins before we even step foot in your building with the comprehensive training that we provide to all of our cleaning staff. 


As a service industry provider, we understand the value of our employees. There is no question that our employees are our greatest asset. In fact, we consider our employees and staff to be our only asset.

Training Program 

We understand that unlike other industries, we are evaluated daily on our performance. Our clients interact with our personnel and service delivery on a daily basis and we are only as good as our last day’s work. Therefore, we place great value and emphasis on the training of our employees and operational systems to help provide an efficient, uniformed and qualified service team.


Our Employee-Training Program Consists Of The Following Facets 

Technical Training – Our technical training program consists procedural training of current cleaning techniques and processes.


Customer Service Training – We understand that to meet the needs of our clients, we must also train all our service personnel in customer service practices. Ourcompany is represented by our employees on a daily basis and it is imperative that they convey the level of professionalism expected of our company.


Leadership – We value leadership training for managers and supervisors. This applies to acquiring new skills to effectively lead and motivate fellow personnel, including positive reinforcement and leading through example, while boosting morale and confidence in one’s work.


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Suite 3
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Moonachie, NJ 07074
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